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General Information

Greece is the third largest olive oil producer in the world following Italy and Spain. As  far as the quality of the  product is  concerned  Greece is ranked first based on the statistics of the Association of Greek Olive Oil Industries (S.E.B.I.T.E.L) having more than 70% of the olive oil harvest labeled as extra virgin .

Today Greece exports mainly unpacked olive oil .Vast quantities of unpacked olive oil are bought by Italian industries .The Greek olive oil is used as an additive to improve the quality of the olive oil the produce and trade packaged in the Italian market .Thus, our country holds a very small share in the market of brand named  olive oil products . The exports of the unpacked olive oil are rating the 90% of the total exports.

Greece holds the third position of the exports of the virgin olive oil again following Spain and Italy this time. Based on statistics of the Association of Exporters of North Greece (S.E.B.E), Greece exported olive oil worth  €236.54 million .

General Information - Olive Oil ExportsLooking at the following table it is understandable that in the last years there has been a dramatic decrease in the Greek exports of olive oil to Italy and Spain. Although there has been a temporary increase in the exports or olive oil to Italy in 2003, an increase which reached the 38.8%, the total exports of Greek olive oil from 1999 to 2003 were highly influenced and showed a decrease of 50.2%.All in all , the exports to Italy were worth   €186.4 million holding the 78.8%of the overall Greed exports of olive oil.

A considerable decrease in the exports to Spain has been recorded from 1999 to 2003.During this period serious fluctuations to the exports of olive oil have been marked down   , reaching a peak increase of 1356.66% in 2003.

The exports of olive oil to Spain were worth 8 million Euros and were the 3.4% of the Greek olive oil exports.

Based on the same source a dramatic increase in the Greek olive oil exports occurred  from 1999 to 2003  in Switzerland (116.6%) , in Canada (106%) and in Australia (99.5%).

In the USA , although there has been a decrease at  9.29% in 2003 ,  the total exports from 1999 to  2003 have marked down an increase at 38.4% which represents in share 3.7%This share is expected to increase considerably after the contract that was signed between  a USA   giant company  and the representatives of  “ Elaiorgiki” and the “Association of the Agricultural Organizations of Iraklion” .The result of this contract is the export of thousands of tons of olive oil to the USA  market.