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We start by washing the potatoes very well. Then we peel off the skin and and wash them once more. We cut them in half and add them in a pot with a lot of water to be boiled.

We also wash the eggs and put them in another pot with water to be boiled aswell. We want our eggs well-done so we boil them for 10-13 min. Immediately after the boiling process we add the eggs in cold water so that we can remove the shell easier later.

When the potatoes are cooked we use a slotted spoon to add them in a bowl. Then we cut them in pieces preferably with a fork and we let them cool down.

For the final step we cut the tomatoes, eggs, cucumbers, peper and the onion and add them in the same bowl with the potatoes. Then we add olive oil , salt and vinegar .We agitate well and serve !

This salad is very “versatile” and you can add more ingredients like olives, capers, dill, spring onion etc or remove ingredients you do not like.

Good luck!

Chef : Nektaria Kokkinaki

Photographer : Michalis Xristodoulakis


1 kg of potatoes

5-6 eggs

2 big tomatoes

2 cucumbers

1 onion

1 peper

4 tablespoons of olive oil

1 teaspoon of Elasion Organic Extra Virgin olive oil