The Cretan Company ELASION brings the Cretan Olive to the World Stage: Elasion Cretan Olive Oils Distinguished at Food Expo 2024


Elasion Cretan Olive Oils, a leading olive oil producer from Crete, had an impressive presence at the international food exhibition, Food Expo 2024, held in Athens from 9 to 11 March.

With the richness of aromas and the authenticity of the flavours of the Cretan olive at the centre of attention, Elasion presented an impressive range of products that received positive comments and enthusiastic reactions from visitors
Elasion Cretan Olive Oils was distinguished at the exhibition with the presentation of its variety of excellent products, which are the result of the love and care dedicated to their production. Through the fine olive of Crete, Elasion offers consumers worldwide the unique taste and benefits of authentic Cretan olive oil.

The visitors had the opportunity to taste the authentic taste of Elasion’s olive oil, explore the variety of the company’s products and learn about the production processes that ensure their high quality and freshness.
Elasion Cretan Olive Oils thanks all the visitors who visited its stand and assures consumers that it will continue to offer high quality products that meet the demands of the modern consumer.

The founder of Elasion Cretan Olive Oils, Mrs. Malliotaki Maria, said: “Our participation in Food Expo 2024 was an excellent opportunity to promote the tradition and quality of Cretan olive oils to an international audience. We are proud to have had the opportunity to share our love for olives and our products with the visitors of the exhibition and to receive their positive reactions.”

Elasion Cretan Olive Oils continues to be committed to providing high quality products while promoting the cultural heritage and gastronomy of Crete worldwide.