Certification with the Greek trademark by the Ministry of Development and Investment



The Greek Mark certifies the origin of products and services produced in Greece. It is an official mark of the Hellenic State and is awarded on the basis of the Award Regulations, separately for each category of products and services.
The key criterion for the award is domestic value added. For agricultural and livestock products, production, rearing and harvesting must take place on Greek territory. For manufactured products, the basic raw material must come from Greece, while for industrial and craft products and services the basic criterion is the percentage of production costs that are incurred in Greece, especially in the field of research and development.
The trademark of Greek products and services identifies the Greek added value of products and services of various categories. It is available to businesses that produce in our country and to consumers around the world who choose Greek land, Greek hands and Greek minds.
Its purpose is to establish consumer confidence in products declared Greek and to avoid misleading them, to protect the interests of producers from counterfeiting and unfair competition, as well as to enhance the competitiveness of Greek businesses.
At the same time, through this action, local products and local entrepreneurship are promoted, part of which are small family businesses of producers and processors of Greek products.